Stop your plant killer ways and learn to be a seed starting success

Learn the secrets to seed starting for less than a trip to the garden centre.


Seed Starting success

The tips, tricks, and timing you need to successfully grow any vegetable or flower in your garden. 

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Have you ever tried seed starting, only to end up with sad looking, or dead plants?

You've been wanting to garden, and the more you get into it, the more you realize that the only way to grow the truly brag-worthy varieties, is to do so with seed starting. But seed starting is SO HARD!!

You tried it once, in front of your window, and all you ended up with was leggy tomatoes, a giant pumpkin you started 6 weeks too early, and a seed tray of broken dreams. Then, when you did manage to scrape together a few passable seedlings, they died a few hours after putting them outside!!

You have no idea what you did wrong, or how to fix it--but there's hope!

Thank you Kristen!  As a newbie gardener and a city slicker now living on a farm for the first time with a grand vision of a beautiful HUGE flower garden this e-book was so, so helpful.  I have referenced the items from Kristen on Shifting Roots and IG multiple times to get clear uncomplicated direction of how to get started. Trust me I need all the help I can get in rural northern SK, Zone 3a.  Wish me luck, I’ve probably bitten off more than I can chew, or seeded more than I can sprout but, I’ll be coming back to Kristen’s book and resources to help me along the way.


What if you could...

Skip the killing-all-my-seedlings-and-wasting-a-bunch-of-time-and-money phase and start your seeds successfully the first time?  Wouldn’t it by great to avoid all the major mistakes new growers make, and learn the secrets that keep your plants healthy and happy–instead of sad and stretched out?

Gardening is very time-sensitive, so you don’t want to miss another year, spending tons of money at the nursery on plants you don’t really want.  Instead, you can grow exactly what you want and get all the bragging rights as you slowly master all the different plants.


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Let's get Growing

Don’t miss another week thinking about seed starting when you could be seed starting with confidence and growing food for your family.

When you buy from April 3rd to 10th, you get access to the exclusive Zoom Call with Kristen, where you can ask your seed starting questions.

Near perfect germination!!! Thank you Kristen for all your amazing seed starting information. Please keep writing more books like this!!

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Here’s what new gardener @ramblinrosecreative had to say after taking Seed Starting Success!


  • How to find your frost dates and set up your schedule
  • The most common seed starting problems and how to avoid them
  • What different seedlings look like at different stages, so you’re not left in the dark wondering if you’re doing it right.
  • All the main grow light options for home gardeners
  • Different methods of seed starting, so you can choose what’s right for you based on your values
  • How to fertilize and tips so you don’t accidentally kill your plants.
  • Day by Day guidance for hardening off your plants–the step that new growers skip and end up killing trays of plants.

Hey, I'm kristen

Hey!  I’m Kristen.  Home gardener, green thumb, and your guide to a better garden.

I wrote this course after countless texts and emails from friends, asking if I could please come over to their house to help them figure out if their seedling babies were okay and if they were actually doing it right.

I quickly realized that not everyone grew up learning how to garden, and I wanted to share my gardening know-how in an easy to understand way.

I’ve designed this e-book and bonuses so that you’ll know everything you need to know to successfully get your seedlings from seed to plant, without throwing out trays of dead plants in the process.

I’m a Wife, Mom of 3, and website owner of Shifting Roots.  I garden and blog from zone 3b on the Canadian Prairies–so if I can grow a beautiful garden in tough weather conditions and a short growing season–so can you!

Stop stressing about seed starting

and start feeling successful!  You can learn to seed start for less than the cost of a trip to the nursery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ebook and videos are designed to get you seed starting quickly.  Most people should be able to finish everything in 3-6 hours.

Unfortunately because of the digital nature of the course, no refunds will be given.  If you don’t get the link to download the ebook as soon as you complete your purchase, please contact me on social media @shifting_roots and I will get you new links.

No, there are no live calls, and no groups.  The ebooks and videos are entirely self paced.

No matter how long you’ve been gardening, you’ll probably still kill a plant or two.  I even kill some from time to time.  However, you will kill a lot less with the information in this ebook!


Seed starting can truly be easy and fun once you get the hang of it.  And it’s the perfect cure for the winter blahs, when there’s 3 feet of snow out your front door and minus 30 temps.  

Instead of moaning and groaning about the cold, you can just take a trip to your seed starting area, play with dirt, and see something green.

Can you taste the special heirloom tomatoes already?  Or see that cut flower garden full of specialty flowers?

Sign up and be on your way to this reality.

Yes! I want to beat winter & Start Seed Starting!

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