Are you Scared of Killing Perfectly good Plants?

You've planted a garden and everything is coming up--hurray! But so are the weeds. Do you know what to pull and what to leave in the ground?
If the answer is "no" or if you're unsure, you need the Weeds vs. Plants e-book STAT.

We've all been there. . .

The garden you've worked so hard on is finally coming up, but you have no idea what is a vegetable you want, and a weed you don't. So you dig in, take your best guess, and realize three weeks later that you accidentally pulled all the vegetables and are now growing an intentional patch of weeds.

Worse yet, if you live in a short growing season, it's likely too late to reseed, meaning you messed up big time and now have to wait an entire year before you can try again.

Now you've wasted weeks of time, all the effort of putting in a garden and tending to it, the money spent on seeds--and for what?


it doesn't have to be this way...

You can avoid this devastating mistake in the garden.  Even if it’s your first year gardening and you don’t know what you’re doing.

Stop playing Weed or Seed Roulette and weed your garden with confidence.


Weeds vs. Plants

Your easy, visual guide to knowing what common baby vegetables and flowers look like, so you rip out the weeds and leave the plants to grow.

Here's what you'll get

can you tell the difference between the weeds and Plants in this picture?

If you’re feeling confused, you need to grab your copy of Weeds vs. Plants NOW!

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

“This book is so helpful!  From anxious wondering to confident caring for my garden, I rely heavily on this book while watching things sprout in early spring.  Thanks Kristen!

– Naomi Suchan, Home Gardener

Hey, I'm Kristen

Home gardener, green thumb, and your guide to a better garden.

I assembled this e-book after countless texts and emails from friends, asking if I could please come over to their yard and help them figure out what was a weed and what was a plant and if they actually were “doing it right.”

I quickly realized that not everyone grew up learning how to garden, and were often paralyzed by fear over messing it all up. I wanted to share my gardening know-how with them, and you, in an easy to understand way.

It’s okay to kill a plant from time to time–even the most experienced gardeners do!!  But I’d like to help you avoid the heartache of killing EVERYTHING accidentally.

I’m a Wife, Mom of 3 littles, and website owner of Shifting Roots.  I garden and blog from zone 3b on the Canadian Prairies–so if I can grow a beautiful garden in tough weather conditions and a short growing season–so can you!

Don't be forced to wait another growing season

Read this e-book in the morning, and be out in your garden with confidence by the afternoon.


Instead of offering endless explanations, the whole e-book is based on a series of pictures that quickly convey what you need to look for to identify some of the most common vegetables and flowers in the garden.  The strategies section will help you identify the plants you planted, even if they are not pictured in the e-book.

Doesn’t that make figuring out the weeds and plants a lot easier?

This is exactly what you’ll find in Weeds vs. Plants, plus a lot more examples and pictures of individual vegetables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you learn best by looking at pictures?  If your answer is yes, my answer is yes.

It’s okay!  I’ve focused on just the vegetables and flowers, not the weeds.  There’s even a trick in there to figure out what might be a vegetable–even if it’s not included in the book.

Then keep them!  It’s often said that a weed is just an undesirable plant.  However, they will compete with your plants for nutrients, so the plants you seeded won’t do as well.

“This product is brand new, be the first to give a testimonial”

Stop playing the game "weed or seed?"

You can end the mental misery and figure it all out today.