Get the complete solution to grow your own stunning cut flowers with ease

learn how to completely plan out and grow your own backyard cut flower garden for beautiful bouquets all summer long

Does growing your own cut flowers seem impossible?

You've been drooling over all the gorgeous flowers on Instagram, but growing your own feels too hard. What do you plant? Where do you get the pretty, trendy flowers? Do you need a whole farm to grow them? And what about all those plants you've killed in the past?

Learn the basics of cut flower gardening at the backyard scale in an easy-to-read, visual-as-possible series of e-books.  

A complete solution to take you from planning, planting, bouquet making, seed saving, and extending your season in the fall.

Done for you plans that show you exactly what to do from purchase, seed starting (or not) to planting!

What if you could...

Get the feel of running a cut flower farm, without investing a ton of money and resources?  Dip your toe in, know exactly if growing cut flowers is for you, and learn the basics in a safe and easy way?


The Ultimate Cut Flower Bundle

The easy solution to growing a backyard cut flower garden that gives you gorgeous blooms.  Where you can try out flower farming on a small scale, learn how to make beautiful bouquets that people want to buy, and so much more.

4 ebooks on cut flowers


Here's what you'll get

Plus, you'll get the Pretty & Practical Garden Planner Printable--which you can download once and print out year after year

All for only $47!!

(a $70 value!)

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Don't let another summer pass you by!

Do you really want to try and patch this together yourself?  Don’t waste money buying the wrong varieties of flowers and starting them at the wrong times.

Other cut flower classes cost anywhere from $200 to over $2000.  You can learn the basics for just a fraction of the price.


–Katie, Home Gardener, Zone 8

–April, Home Gardener, Zone 3

–Georgia, Home Gardener in zone 5

–Jessica, Home Gardener in zone 5

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“Kristen’s book has been an excellent resource in my quest to grow and create my own bouquets. Her book is easy to understand and beautifully laid out. I love the variety of flowers she has featured, and I feel that I have a clear plan to tackle this project.


Here’s Chantelle’s flowers…. 

Hey, I'm Kristen

I’m a zone 3 gardener out of Saskatoon, SK who is passionate about growing pretty flowers.  I have created a system to help you grow your own beautiful cut flower garden that makes it as visual and easy as possible.  If I can grow beautiful flowers with my colder temps and short growing season, you can too!

I’m a former farm kid turned urban gardener and my mission is to make gardening as easy and accessible as possible for new gardeners.  Not everyone has “that friend who grows everything” and I want to be that person for you, through my e-books, social media, and blog, Shifting Roots.

When I’m not growing flowers, you can find me spending time with my husband and three kids, singing, playing piano, or baking up a storm.

stop wasting money on soon-to-be dead plants

And learn exactly what to plant and how to do it so you can enjoy your flowers, instead of being stuck with a weed patch and shrivelled up, dead plants–along with your gardening hopes and dreams.

Step into my backyard cut flower garden in Summer of 2020 and see what you can do too. . .

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, you would have access to a backyard garden space of at least 13 feet by 24 feet or similar.  The beauty of this book and these plans is that you can always scale them up or down according to your needs.

It’s okay!  You can plant as little or as much as you like, you just might not get 3 full bouquets a week.  The only situation that it wouldn’t work on some level is if you lived in an apartment with no balcony and were trying to grow everything indoors.

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Once the garden is planted, you should be able to maintain it by watering as needed (usually once a day, with mulch you can go longer in between) and weeding for 10-15 minutes 5 days a week when the plants are small.  Once the flowers are full grown, there will be barely any weeding to do, and it should drop down to 30 minutes once a week at most.

Yes!  My customers have been successful at growing cut flowers with my ebook in everything from zone 2 to zone 8.

Then the easy, no seed starting, plan is for you!  As long as you can find a spot with enough sunlight, water your flowers often, and keep up with weeding, you should be able to grow cut flowers.

Most of the flowers suggested in this book will start blooming from mid-July until Frost.  Everything should be in bloom by early to mid August.  This has been my experience in zone 3, but you might get flowers earlier if you live somewhere warmer.

When the flowers are first starting to bloom, you might only get 1 small bouquet the first week or two.  After that you should get at least 3 medium bouquets a week..

Technically, yes.  Last year I started experimenting with growing cut flower varieties in containers on my deck and so far it has been successful.  I did not include more information on it in this book because I want to trial it for at least another year.  What I can tell you now, is that if you decide to try it out, stake any flowers over 18 inches with a tomato cage!

See how easy it is to grow a cut flower garden

You don’t have to sort through multiple gardening books and seed catalogues to try and patch together some sort of half-hearted plan that will end in failure, or spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a flower farming course that you don’t really need at the backyard garden level.  Let me give you the framework and plans to get it right the first time.