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Easy summer salads & vinaigrettes, mouthwatering cakes, no churn ice cream and more await!  Make the recipes with fresh fruit this summer, or with frozen stuff from the freezer.


Prairie fruit

Your go-to e-cookbook for using summer fruits on the prairies and other cold climates.  Finally use up all your sour cherries, saskatoon berries, haskaps, raspberries, rhubarb, and strawberries, so they don’t waste away in the freezer.

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Hey, I'm Kristen

I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and my parents made me help them plant over 1000 Saskatoon berry trees.  I hated planting and weeding them, but I sure developed a love for eating the berries off of them!!  Every year I look forward to berry season on the prairies and I love creating simple recipes to use the stash in my freezer.

I’m the gardener and content creator behind the popular zone 3 gardening blog, Shifting Roots, where I share gardening tips, flower growing advice, and delicious prairie-style recipes that are easy to make.

No more frozen fruits wasting away in your freezer

The ideas you need to use those delicious summer fruits, only $7– regular $19 (That’s over 60% off!!)