frost proof your cut flower garden

Don't let a surprise early frost cut your cut flower season short. With this strategy, you can keep your flowers going until mid-October

Have you ever felt frustrated by the first frost?

You've worked hard all spring and summer to grow the most beautiful cut flower garden, creating and selling gorgeous floral creations. But then an early frost in the forecast threatens to cut everything short--both your flowers and your business. Worse yet, because of your short growing season, you've barely even enjoyed those dahlias.

So you try to cover all your warm season crops and race around the garden like a crazy person, draping sheets and salvaging whatever blooms you can. You work until all hours of the night by flashlight, hoping to protect your investment. Maybe it works--or maybe it doesn't. Now you're left with a ruined garden and ruined dreams. Your season and potential to sell bouquets was suddenly cut short, and there's nothing you can do about it. . . or is there?

While I can’t save these dahlias, I can give you a backup plan.  Wouldn’t it feel great knowing your flower growing season wouldn’t have to end early?  Wouldn’t it be great to take back some control over your cut flower business?  Imagine the confidence you’d feel, knowing you still have flowers to create with, at least until mid-October, even though you live in a short growing season.

What if you could Work with mother nature, instead of against her...

What if instead of wringing your hands that frost is going to destroy all your hard work, you could go into fall knowing you had a secret section of your cut flower garden, specifically grown to withstand all but the hardest frosts?  

That your cut flower business could keep going when everyone else is out of flowers?

What if you could actually enjoy those weeks of sunshine and beautiful weather after the first frost–still making bouquets instead of feeling bitter that all you have is dead flowers?


The Frost Proof Flower Garden

Your secret weapon when frost hits early.  The Frost Proof Flower Garden is a combination of smart flower choices and strategic planting that will extend your blooms in short growing seasons and cold climates.

Here's what you'll get

This could be your garden--and it doesn't have to die once the temperature dips

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The Frost Free Flower Garden is on now for a special introductory price of only $12.


Yes, but with some limitations.  Some flowers will never be frost free–dahlias, zinnias, and cosmos will always die once the cold arrives, unless you cover them or heat them somehow.  

The flowers in the Frost Free Flower Garden can last from temperatures ranging from -2 to -10 degrees Celsius. 

While the plan can’t keep you in flowers should a surprise -20 day happen in October, the Frost Free Flower Garden will typically keep you in cut flowers past the first frost in September all the way until Canadian Thanksgiving (the middle of October).

When everyone else is mourning the loss of their flowers because of an earlier than usual frost, you’ll still be harvesting flowers for a few weeks longer.

And for you flower farmers out there–wouldn’t it feel amazing knowing your business doesn’t have to end unexpectedly?  That you can have some control over your bottom line with a reserve of gorgeous blooms, grown just for this occasion?

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Hey, I'm Kristen

I’m a zone 3 gardener out of Saskatoon, SK who is passionate about growing pretty flowers.  Where I live, we only have 90-110 days to grow flowers, and our season often gets cut short by surprise frosts in early September, and sometimes in late August.  

Every year I felt so frustrated when we had an early frost at the beginning of September, and then three completely gorgeous weeks of weather where growing flowers would have been possible–if only they hadn’t died from that first frost.

I created this system by observing some happy accidents in the garden.  During a particularly cold season, some flowers that would have never made it to the first frost did, and the seed for a new ebook was planted.  

I’m a former farm kid turned urban gardener and my mission is to make gardening as easy and accessible as possible for new gardeners.  Not everyone has “that friend who grows everything” and I want to be that person for you, through my e-books, social media, and blog, Shifting Roots.

When I’m not growing flowers, you can find me spending time with my husband and three kids, singing, playing piano, or baking up a storm.

Work with Mother Nature (instead of being at her mercy)

For the cost of a few seed packets, you can extend your flower season by a month! 

Canadians, use code CANADA to account for the exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

The flowers in this ebook will withstand temperatures from -2 Celsius up to -10 Celsius.  Anything colder than that, and everything will die without being covered.

They might.  However, they will not bloom as continuously in September and October as they did in July and August.

You can try, but this ebook is intended for people with at least 3 years of gardening experience or more.  You need to be comfortable with seed starting and committed to planting everything at the correct times.

Maybe.  But it’s going to be more expensive and difficult to get the same results.

Yes!  Frost Proof Flower Garden is designed for you!  I also live where it’s cold, so I know your struggles.

This plan isn’t really created for you, however, I think it could still be successful in your zone with some modifications.  If you’re up for the challenge and want to give it a try, let me know how it goes!

Yes, but do you really want to be running outside to cover your flowers every single night the temperature drops?  And if you have a larger operation, there’s no way you can be covering everything without significant investment and manpower.

You need a spot that gets at least 8 hours of sun a day, and as much sun as possible in the fall months. You can plant as little or as much as you want, but the plan I’ve made is designed to fit in a small to medium sized backyard garden.


Give customers (or yourself) the gift of unique, locally grown flowers that not everybody else is growing.


Get your copy today before another frost takes you by surprise and ruins your crops.