Do you wish you could create a beautiful backyard perennial garden that always has something blooming?

Now you can, with the Ever-Blooming Perennial Garden e-book--an easy-to-follow system to landscape the perfect flower bed.

are you stuck with a boring Green Canvas?

We've all seen it: that horrible blank slate of a backyard that's filled with weeds and perennials you don't like and never wanted from lifetimes of previous owners. Or even worse, you've tried to plant a perennial garden, only to have everything bloom all at once. . . for one week. *whomp-whomp*

What you really want is a perennial garden that always has something blooming from the first signs of spring to the last days of fall, not just sporadically when it feels like it. Any you don't just want one clump of flowers here or there, you want it to look good and see blooms everywhere.

Let's be real, you want the kind of backyard that you can invite your friends over for coffee, give them a tour of everything you've done, and feel really proud of your results.

You are not just another gardener-wanna-be who is constantly planting and praying. You have a system you can follow to get the results you want with ease.


A simple framework to DIY landscaping a perennial garden–you’ll know the right plants to pick at the garden centre no matter what your zone.

5 plop-and-plant perennial garden designs, totally done for you.

Care instructions so nothing dies, plus the secret to keeping weeds out and your workload down.

What if you could have non-stop flowers...

Imagine being able to walk around your yard, picking beautiful flowers that you grew yourself and using them to beautify your home.  And not just for one magical week in the summer.  There’s always something pretty that’s in bloom in your yard every season.

Better yet, you’ve created your flower bed in such a way that you don’t have to spend hours weeding every week.  All you do is pull a stray weed here or there once a month.  You actually get to enjoy your beautiful yard and invite your friends over, instead of hiding indoors and hoping no one comes over.


The Constant Colour Garden

The Constant Colour System is the simplest way to get non-stop colour in your yard by designing a curated collection of low-maintenance perennial flowers that bloom all the time.

Here's what you'll get

Plus $30 worth of Special Bonuses. . .

The 2020 Garden Planner & Journal

Keep all your gardening tasks organized and in one place, so you can look back from year to year and learn from your experiences.

3 Perennial Garden Plans

Easily create a spring, summer, or shady perennial garden. With this bonus, you have a total of 8 garden plans to choose from!!!

The Five Year Backyard Planner

Beautiful Landscapes take time. Create your vision and organize it all so you can easily execute it over a 5 year period.

stop wasting money and time and start enjoying your yard

Normally $39, the Constant Colour Garden, plus $30 worth in bonuses is now available for only $24!! (A $69 value!)

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“One thing as a professional horticulturist that is my personal weak spot is that I’m not actually the best at picking colours. Kristen did a fantastic job of creating ready to use templates and colour pallets that if implemented, would enhance any garden with a full growing season of perennial flowers. I’m a huge fan of perennial gardening, and this book does a fantastic job of hitting all the main essential elements in an easy to read and understandable way.”

– Jared Fehr, Owner, ProHortico Green Solutions Inc

Hey, I'm Kristen and this is me in my actual backyard

And trust me, it did NOT look this pretty 4 years ago when we bought the house!!  It was a weed-infested blank slate, thats only redeeming quality was 6 established peony bushes–one of which you see here.

Like you, I’ve always loved the low-maintenance aspect of perennials and have been trying for years to get my yard to the point where there is always something in bloom, without tons of work.  Over years of experimenting in my garden, and observing more established gardens that had a more constant bloom pattern, I’ve broken down the method to always having something blooming in your yard.  I call it the 3×3 method, and it is your new best friend that is going to help you get the yard you want with less work.

I’ve been gardening since my parents toted me along when I was a toddler, and my love of all things flowers runs deep.  I’m a wife and mom to three littles and have a very full life, so I don’t have time for my garden to be ridiculously finicky or take up my entire day with weeds.  I hear from gardeners like you every day on my blog, Shifting Roots, how you want to have an amazing garden, but you don’t know how to make it happen or have tons of time to research it.

Here's what you'll learn in the Constant Colour Garden. . .

it's your turn to have non-stop blooming flowers

You can create the backyard oasis you’ve always wanted–I’ll show you how.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  As long as you have a location that receives 6-8 hours of sunlight a day, it will work for you.  

The only way it won’t work, is if you never water your plants, plant them in shade, or there is an exceptionally cold winter where you live that kills off your new perennials.

The perennials suggested will work best for zones 2-5, and do fine in zones 6 & 7.  I’ve given you 4 hacks so that you can easily figure out the best perennials to grow right were you live, even if your climate is totally different than mine.

It’s okay!  In the e-book I break down how to avoid the most common mistakes that cause plants to die, and how you can avoid them.  The only thing I can’t help you with is the weather and if you never water the plants.

It will depend on how large of an area you’re trying to fill, but I would allow yourself a weekend to prepare the ground, buy the plants, plant everything, and lay down mulch.

After that, you’ll just pull the occasional weed and water consistently.

Once the perennials are established, you generally don’t need to water them.

No! Think of the plans and templates as a jumping off point to help you visualize the possibilities in your own yard.

It’s okay!  You can just repeat the pattern a second time, and (if you want) add different kinds or colours of perennials for more interest in your yard.

Yes and no.  The first year, you might be disappointed in the results, as perennials take 3-5 years to fully establish.  Depending on which perennials you choose for each season, you might have the odd week where nothing is blooming.  However, these times of just green will be so much shorter than if you didn’t use the system.  I also suggest some annuals you can use to fill in any potential gaps in colour.

Maybe.  I know that’s a terrible answer, but if you live in a warmer zone you probably can, but if you live in zone 3 or somewhere cold like I do, probably not.  I talk about how you might make this work on the container-scale, but I don’t recommend it.

I love the templates!   As a gardener of many years I always struggled with what to grow where, to make the flower garden look beautiful.   This is an excellent guideline.   Thank you!  
-Rita Theissing, Home Gardener


I know I have!  When you plant the wrong perennials in the wrong location or pick the wrong perennials for your growing zone, you can easily waste $200 or more, plus the time it took you to shop for the perennials, prepare the ground, set up the mulch, and water them.

Or, you feel like you’re hopeless at growing things, so you look into hiring a landscaper and realize that it will quickly cost you thousands of dollars–money you don’t have.

Instead, you can keep that $200, $500, $1000 or whatever you’d end up spending in your pocket, and for only $24, learn a system that will help you have the colour that you crave now and for years to come.

don't waste another summer staring at a
boring green canvas

Get $69 worth of perennial garden know-how for only $24 and start creating a yard you can be proud of.

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